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A Diamond's value is based on the combination of Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color, which we call as Four C's. As for its extreme hardness, Diamonds last forever. Our diamonds come with Certified Gemological Lab Report.


Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Red Coral, Hessonite, Sapphire, Cat's Eye, Yellow Sapphire and Emerald ; altogether make the wonderful set of Navratnas. The wide range of designs and quality of craftmanship of our navratna jewellery is our gift to you.


Birthstones are a part of the beliefs, traditions and trends. There are numerous legends about the birthstone's healing powers and their therapeutic influence. Making an exclusive art out of each birthstone is what we excel in.

Our leader

Mr. K V Johny , Managing Director of Jwala Diamonds is a well known name in the Gem and Jewellery industry in India. Started off as a diamond manufacturing artisan in the year 1979.  Later on, visualizing the opportunities in diamond industry he began a diamond factory at Mumbai. From zero, he built his dreams on top of hardwork and commitment. His contributions to indian economy and jewellery export made him honor many prestigious awards to his milestones. The dedication that he has put in to his work is what enabled Jwala Diamonds to produce vast collection of jewellery designs in large scale with high quality and at economical prices. After encompassing 26 years of experience, he expanded his business and spread it at Thrissur, Kerala. As the market leader, currently we supply Diamond Jewellery to all retailers in Kerala and we export to Middle East, UAE & Kuwait.

Our Jwala

Jwala Diamonds has been at the forefront in the diamond jewellery revolution in South India and has maintained the leadership position ever since. We are manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of quality studded diamond jewellery. Be it in terms of designing, technology, pricing and services, Jwala Diamonds always has a customer first philosophy. The designs are created with the current trends and needs in mind and an eye on the future. We have a state of the art manufacturing unit with very skilled production department in Thrissur (Kerala) India and always looking for new technology which can deliver a lighter and better product.

We also manufacture Navratna and Birth Stone jewellery; as per traditional and cultural values and fine craftsmanship with unique designs. Our ethical business and stringent quality standards blend to create the glorious tradition of excellence.

The policy of Jwala Diamonds is to provide the best in the industry. The company follows strict quality measures in manufacturing flawless finished products. Each product of our’s undergoes many meticulous quality inspection stages at par with international standards ensuring, only the finest products reach the market. This uncompromising attitude in delivering high quality products has brought in international recognition for Jwala Diamonds. As always, the company is committed to provide the best in contemporary designs through product innovation and strives to maintain a progressive quality management system.

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GIA Graduation 2016


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Advanced Technologies

Our factory is equipped with latest technologies available for jewellery manufacturing which enables us to produce large quantity of jewellery efficiently with the highest quality & less time and helped us to provide jewellery more economically for our customers. Along with best technology, we employed the best technicians for its operation. Hence we can produce wide range of deigns in short time and in large quantity.

Quality and Finish

Our company is working very hard to keep the quality of the products on market to not go below standards. We achieve this by producing best quality jewellery at economical prices. The quality that we offer is the effort of many experts who work along the process. The purity of gold we use, the final finish on gold and quality of diamonds we set on the jewellery, all together gives the best jewellery for our customers.

Trusted by millions

Our jewellery takes a long journey from the sketches on the paper to the joyful moment when a customer picks up that jewellery piece and wear it. Each piece of our jewellery went thought series of sophisticated processes along with quality assurance. As we trusted in our effort and jewellery, we earned trust of millions who smile to see our jewellery which smile back at them. This smile tells our story of success.

Customer support

Our prime aim is to keep our customers happy and strengthen the trust we share with our customers. We have an well experienced team to help our customers find that right design they are looking for. We give priority to the views of our customers to improve the designs and create a brand new custom designs in the process. Our design team is also capable of creating your custom design under your budget.